2016 March 9th: GOLDEN SECTION, The streets of Wellington, NZ (more…)
Parking Day Wellington - 10 - Golden Section - Occupation Artist
2015 Nov to 2016 Feb: O:A at The See Here (more…)
sarah and peter seehere oa_edited-1


  2015 Sep 1-6: OCCUPY CROSSLEY ST, with Radiant Pavilion, Melbourne, Australia (more…)

crossley st comp header b

2015 July-Aug: OCCUPY ANNA (group show at Anna Miles Gallery, Auckland NZ) (more…)Anna Miles Gallery- Upper Queen St, March 2015 head

2014 December: YESYES – Studio Residency, Greta Œgor ​ (+ collaborators*)​ (more…)cropped-headeryesyes.jpg

2014 October:  LOST IN TRANSFORMATION – Amy King and Natalie Smith (more…)???????????????????????????????

 2014 July, August: Artist in Residence – Jane Ritchie (more)janeandwinniehead

2014 July: Domestic in Nature – Fran Carter (more…)cropped-fran01comp.jpg

2013 December: Moved to Wellington Trades HallOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

2013 November: You’d-Prolong – Sarah Walker-Holt (more…)you'd dayimage4.1crop

 2013 October: $N/A (Price Not applicable) – Monica Buchan-Ng (more…)

2013 October: Contemporary Wellington: A jewellery sampler – group show (more…)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

2103 September: Labour of Love – an instant private collection; work by 49 jewellers (more...)oa renee full

 2013 September: de:formation – Peter Deckers (more…)cropped-apdcrop1p9230064.jpg

 2013 September: Artist vs Admin Tasks – Sarah Read (more…)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

2013 August: The Grand Baby Royal x – Georgia Clack (more…)georgia-header.jpg

2013 June: Wunderruma Casting Call – group show

2013 June: Open dayscropped-occupation-artist-head-crop.jpg